Don’t take our word for it – here are some supportive comments from our customers

Martyn has an appetite for success and is driven by achieving high quality customer service and treating customers fairly. He is a confident and personable guy with a great sense of humour and I would highly recommend him to anyone without fail
Mr M – Derbyshire
Martyn possesses a very rare skill – he has the ability to get along well with anybody! Reliable and trustworthy, Martyn is a great person to have working alongside of you. I’ve worked with Martyn both as a colleague and as a service provider and I always find him to be a pleasure to deal with. I would say that his key skills are his attention to detail, his financial knowledge and of course his exceptional personality.
Mr R – Dorset
Carrie arranged critical illness insurance for me after I contacted her having cancelled my existing insurance. I wasn’t happy as I bought the policy on camp after hearing I could get free cinema tickets. The policy kept going up and I never used the free cinema tickets and I wasn’t explained that if I didn’t engage in the policy this would happen. I now have critical illness insurance that will also cover me for fractures, which lads are always getting in my SQN

Mr P – Wiltshire

I called Martyn as I had known him for the last 26 years and he had helped many of my friends and customers in the past. I wanted to purchase a buy to let to help provide an income in my retirement and at nearly  retirement age I had been told that this wouldn’t be achievable. Martyn was able to arrange a buy to let mortgage for me so I could buy the house and secure a valuable investment income.

Mr W – Dorset

We were buying conservatory for our home which was costing nearly £30,000. We didn’t have the cash in savings and the home improvement company. They offered us their finance which would have costed us nearly £450 a month, which was also unaffordable. Ideal Home Loans arranged a remortgage for us at just a small increase to our current mortgage payments. We now have the conservatory we always wanted

Mr & Mrs F – Dorset

I needed help as I was losing my home as part of my divorce. As an LE Capt. had spent my life earning my Army pension and giving up my home meant the wife didn’t take my pension. Ideal home Loans were able to arrange a mortgage for me so I could start afresh.

Mr A – Wiltshire