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Teacher Mortgages

Teachers Mortgages

For most of us there will come a time when we decide to get on the property ladder and purchase your new home. This can be an exciting time and one of the most stressful at the same time. That’s why you need to speak to someone with the knowledge and experience of the market. Our experienced advisor can help you every step of the way with teacher mortgages, from the initial chat, and Q and A session to completion and the keys being handed over.

It can be all new and exciting but if you rush into things and make quick uninformed decisions then you could pay for it financially down the line and in worst case scenarios potentially lose your home too. This is why you need expert guidance from the start and to have someone on-hand to answer any of your questions during the process.

With so many schemes available and with rates changing daily choosing the right one for you could seem daunting.  Never assume the scheme with the lowest APR is the best one for you. There are many other factors such as early repayment figures, fees, late payment penalties and the standard rate once your introductory rate period is over. Yes you might have a nice low APR for the first 2 years but does it increase to a high rate once that period is over.

Where To Find Teacher Mortgages?

Ideal Home Loans check the market daily for teacher mortgages and what’s more we check the whole of the market not just lenders that offer the best incentives for us.  This means you get access to the latest deals with the best rates for your requirements. We always discuss the process with you and go through each lender we feel is best for your needs. From here we answer any questions you may have and we can go through all figures and fees so you know exactly what your monthly repayments will be including after the lower introductory rate is over. We go through all fees involved too so you know exactly what you will be paying.

Teacher MortgagesWe offer nationwide coverage and can help you no matter where in the UK you are, even from our Wiltshire based mortgage office. We have experience with all types of teacher mortgages too and can find a suitable solution for you even if you have arrears, work in the forces or are self employed. We can even help with buy to let, commercial mortgages and shared ownership too. Applying for a teacher mortgage can be a challenge and no 2 applications are the same, each brings it’s own unique problems and our advisors can take the stress away from yourselves and deal with anything that occurs not planned for.

We have helped hundreds of teachers get on the property ladder and most have become clients for life. Coming to us when they need further advice or services and that includes protection advice also. We are always on hand to support you through your journey and indeed after the process has completed.  We offer a simple 5 step process which includes:

  1. Get in touch
  2. We’ll listen
  3. We’ll research
  4. We’ll advise
  5. We’ll support you

Our team of advisors will always present the latest deals and schemes so you have the choice of the newest rates to choose from. With 1,000’s of teacher mortgages available it could be tricky to find one for you by yourself so we can help.

Teacher Mortgages

Call us today on 0333 7721328 or email us at help (at) and we can offer free and impartial advice and start the process to get you in your new home. You could also use our handy free Ask An Expert form to send us your questions and an expert advisor will get back to you asap to discuss your requirements.  This will be a free call back so even the call is free. We offer free, no obligation advice to get you started and on the right track when you need teacher mortgages.

Why not keep up to date with the latest news and you get access to announcements regarding newly released rates. Such as the new TSB mortgage scheme which has an APR of just 0.84% fixed for two years with a fee of £995. The Nationwide Building Society has also released a very competitive mortgage deal with a fixed rate of 0.94% over 3 years and fees of 999.  Then finally the HSBC has released a 5 year fixed rate deal at 0.96% and fees of £1,499. These are just some examples of new deals and we can go through them all with you when you speak to our mortgage broker to find teacher mortgages when you decide its time to get on the ladder.