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Specialist Mortgages

Military MortgagesNot everyone has a perfect credit score and perfect financial credentials.  Life has a habit of throwing us curve balls and unexpected situations we have to deal with. Through no fault of our own we could end up with a damaged credit status, either through arrears, defaults or even CCJ’s. These sadly have an impact on the amount of finance you can take out if any and also who with.  Many high street lenders won’t offer their services or products to people with a less than a perfect credit record, even if the issues were years ago and the potential borrower has a good job, regular income with a salary and has had a few years of perfect payment history.

There are also many industries and professionals where a person’s career choice can affect their mortgage options. As unfair as it may seem a career choice could hamper and limit your options.  The team here at Ideal Home Loans happen to have experience with working with unique cases and people seeking mortgages who are in a profession that can bring it with complications when it comes to getting a mortgage. Ideal Home Loans are the experts in obtaining specialist mortgages.

Some examples of professions that you might require specialist attention, or you might be eligible for special deals like lower rates are below:

Teacher Mortgages:

There are many aspects of being a teacher that can affect your credit rating, one being you have to move around the country so your address changes more then most. This can go against you when applying for a mortgage but we can work for you to find the best teacher mortgages for your requirements. Our free call back form can help. Don’t waste your time in the school holidays worrying about teacher mortgages when we can help and do all the hard work for you.

NHS Mortgages:

NHS MortgagesThis is another career where you could have to move around the country for your role, working in different locations and hospitals could mean you have problems when trying to finance a new home which is why we can help with NHS mortgages.  Not having the same address for a number of years may cause its own problems when it comes to applying for a mortgage. However, there are special options available and many potential lenders who can offer excellent rates and deals. Our team of experts can do all the research for you when you are looking for NHS mortgages.

Doctor Mortgages:

One benefit of being in this profession is you could get access to some competitive deals and rates.  The team here at Ideal Home Loans understand all too well that you are likely to be busy and have very little time for spending hours online searching through all the options and deals. This is why we can help and take care of everything. Finding you the latest and best rates as we search the whole of market, we aren’t tied to just a few lenders. This means we can find you doctors mortgages that will suit your requirements.

Police Mortgages:

Police MortgagesAvoid wasting hours completing form after form online and filling in the same information when searching for Police mortgages when we can do all this for you. We take care of everything and leave you to enjoy a stress-free journey when looking at getting your next home.  We work with all the main high street lenders and other specialist lenders too who can say yes to unique situations as well as those wit a less than perfect credit score or who have had financial problems in the past.

Company Director Mortgages:

As absurd as it sounds, someone who pays the salaries of their staff could find it difficult to borrow when looking for company director mortgages.  Even if you have a brilliant payment history.  Fortunately, we know just what to do and can help you secure your company director mortgages. Running your own business can be time consuming so we can also take care of finding you the best offers available.

Veteran Mortgages:

If you have left your role in the armed forces and retired you might be now thinking about getting on the property ladder. If so, the team here at Ideal Home Loans can help you with veteran mortgages that can secure your home.  Being ex forces ourselves we understand the challenges you could face however we are fully experienced with this and can advise and take care of matters when they arise.  We can make sure you get access to the best veteran mortgages and the latest interest rates too.

Military Mortgages

Military MortgagesOne of the main reasons we ended up providing help and advice in this industry is because we ourselves found it hard getting finance for a property due to working in the forces.  It can be quite tricky to get military mortgages but thankfully we know what is involved and how it works. Meaning we can take care of everything for you. We understand the most common issues you are likely to face and we can advise accordingly when the time comes.  We have over 30 years’ experience with military mortgages and this means we can pass on our knowledge and experience to you when you decide it’s time to find your new home.