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Mortgage Broker Wiltshire

Mortgage Broker in Wiltshire

When you start looking for a mortgage provider it can be quite overwhelming with so many lenders out there and each one offering a multitude of different schemes and deals.  When we say there could be over a thousand different mortgage products we aren’t kidding. For this reason alone you should really use a mortgage broker in Wiltshire. Someone with experience and the industry knowledge to search through the offers and find the deals suited to you. Many people go for the schemes with the lowest interest rates as they think this means it’s the best deal. Whilst this is a major factor in your decision there are many more parts of a mortgage that you need to consider before accepting it.

Mortgage Broker WiltshireThe low introductory rate might be tempting but once that period is over does the interest rate go up to a higher then average figure, meaning any savings made in the first 2/3 years will quickly be paid back with the higher monthly repayments. Then there are fees and other costs to factor in. Also if you want to leave the lender is there a large penalty for doing so, normally called an early settlement fee.  This could be into the thousands and with many people swapping lenders every few years it may mean you can’t. Also some lenders like you to put a bigger deposit down then what you might have saved up. This could restrict who will offer you a mortgage. We can however work with any deposit amount you have saved up.

Mortgage Broker in Wiltshire

As experienced mortgage brokers in Wiltshire we can work with you to ensure a smooth process form start to completion. Avoid stressful scenarios and potentially losing money if things go wrong or there are lengthy delays. What’s more we make sure you are aware of all fees from the start so you have 100% transparency and there are no nasty surprises. We can handle everything from searching the market to preparing the application and applying, then dealing with the lender too and  help you with any unforeseen incidents that might happen along the way.


Always be aware that some mortgage brokers in Wiltshire will only work from a limited select amount of lenders, so you never really get access to all the latest offers and deals available. We work with the whole of market and have access to the latest deals and scheme so you can be sure you are getting the latest deals released by all the major high street lenders. We can help no matter what financial situation you are in, from bad credit history to defaults and arrears, self employed and military. We have experience of most situations so can advise accordingly.

Important questions we can answer during our initial free consultation are:

  • Are you whole-of-market or restricted?
  • Will you inform me about mortgages that are only available directly from lenders?
  • What are your fees and costs?
  • What is included in the service you offer? For example, will you handle all the admin and chase lenders?
  • When are you available – office hours only, or in evenings or weekends?


We can advise on what to look for in a mortgage deal and what best suits your needs. We can advise on all things financial so we can make sure you don’t stretch yourself further down the line. We can guide you through the entire process when you need a mortgage broker in Wiltshire. We can answer any questions you may have.