NHS Mortgages Can Help You Get On The Ladder

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NHS Mortgages

NHS Mortgages

If you are looking to purchase a new home when it comes to mortgages you could get a little extra in terms of deals compared to  other applicants.  We can help you get NHS mortgages to help you get in your new home. Whilst it’s not a specialist area as such, some lenders may offer lower rates for workers in your industry.  This will quickly become apparent if so when we search the market for you.  There are many new deals and schemes being released daily, with rates changing as fast as you can apply.  That’s why you need to get helpful advice from people who understand the market and how it works.

NHS MortgagesThe team here at IHL can help you from start to completion with NHS mortgages and we make sure you get access to whole of market. This means you get access to the latest rates and deals too.  If you are a member of the National Health Service we can factor this in when we search the market. So, if there are any specialist deals for you then we will find them. Some workers may not be eligible due to the sector they are in unfortunately. We can advise on this at the start during the initial consultation.

Usually it’s only clinical staff who are eligible for NHS mortgages however as those in admin or cleaning roles do not qualify. However should you be in those non qualifying roles then do not worry as we can still find you great deals with low rates no matter what your circumstances are.  Your borrowing amount will be no different really to standard applicants.  It will be based on various factors such as your income, affordability, credit rating and other aspects such as a joint application. Whilst there are no specialist NHS mortgages schemes to help you there are plenty of Government schemes to help if you are a first time buyer and we can advise on all these options.

NHS Mortgages

There used to be an NHS Key Worker scheme but this was discontinued in 2019. As mentioned though you might be eligible for a discounted rate from some lenders though until we do an actual search we won’t know this.  There are however plenty of great deals with low rates around at the moment and with the housing marketing bouncing back to pre-covid days lenders are releasing more and more new deals and schemes every day. This can only be a good thing as lenders compete for your business.

NHS MortgagesWe also offer a nationwide service too so no matter where in the UK you are we can help with NHS mortgages.  There’s no call centre or awkward process to speak to an advisor as  we are always on hand to speak direct and answer any questions you may have. If you  are in a rush then use our handy free call back service and we will call you when it suits.  If you are a first time buyer, upgrading or simply looking at your options to remortgage we can help. We will listen to your requirements and circumstances and once we understand what you need we can go to work and search the market to find the most suitable NHS mortgages for your needs.  We can then sit down with you and discuss  your options and which is the best course of action to take.  Finding the right deal for you can seem daunting which is why we take care of all the work for you, taking the stress away.

We are a friendly team of specialist advisors and we can answer all your questions you may have at the beginning of the process. We have a 5 star rating on Google and  there you can read many of our previously happy clients reviews they kindly left us.  We offer free no obligation advice on NHS mortgages and we have encountered all types of scenarios when it comes to circumstances so if you have arrears, poor credit, self employed or have bad credit we can find a solution that fits your needs. We deal with the main high street lenders you have probably heard of but we are also highly experienced in working with specialist cases too when maybe your situation is not as straight forward as others.

Come say hi and get started with your new dream home purchase and let us help you with NHS mortgages to get you on the ladder.