If you’re the owner of your own business be it as a sole trader or limited company you might find it more difficult to get finance for your next property purchase. Sadly for you the lending criteria will be more complex from the lenders and it could be more difficult to get a yes decision. Luckily we are experts in company director mortgages and know exactly what to do in this situation. It’s actually ironic that you would probably find it harder to get a lender to say yes then the employees you pay the salaries of.  What we will say is do not despair as we know exactly what to do to help you.

There are lenders out there who will offer company director mortgages so rest assured we can find you the best deal.  The market is getting better with even some well known high street brands having schemes for this type of borrowing. Mostly however are the smaller more niche companies who can still offer great deals and very competitive rates. One thing we need to stress is the application criteria could be different to a normal application. Fear not though for we can advise throughout the entire process so you avoid any stressful situations.

We can offer:


The good news is you won’t be asked to put down a bigger deposit then normal. So the standard Loan to value offers should still be available to yourself. Usually up to 95%.  Though the more deposit you can put down the better deal you can get and the more schemes you open yourself up to.  Some lenders will ask for more LTV though, as high as 85% possibly.  Some lenders will ask to see the last 3 years accounts as well though  for some the last 12 months will be enough.

Company Director Mortgages

Company Director MortgagesOnce we have all your information including deposit amount and how much you wish to borrow we can search the market for company director mortgages. Also if you have experienced problems in the past few years which means you have bad credit or arrears then do not worry as there are still specialist lenders out there who  could potentially offer you a deal. One bit of good news is mortgage rates are not any different for business owners.  We  are experienced with mainstream lending but we specilise in obtaining funding for people looking to buy a home who have specialist situations and need advice and deals tailored to their specific requirements.

You will get access to the same rates as everyone else and get access to the latest deals and offers. We will of course search the whole market to find you the best deals and once we have these we will sit down and go through these with you to discuss any fees and repayment figures so you fully understand how much it will cost.  To get started simply get in touch and we can have a free informal discussion on your requirements so we can plan the best course of action.

We can guide you through the process  for company director mortgages from start to completion and ensure you have all the correct documents and paperwork to give you as much a chance as possible of a yes decision.  We understand it can be a stressful journey however we can make sure we take away as much stress as possible, leaving you with more time to concentrate on running your business. Simply contact us for free and impartial advice on company director mortgages and let us help you with your next home purchase.

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