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Army Mortgage Information

Your chosen career path is very important to you and one you take very seriously. So why should you be punished when you want to buy a new home. Fact is many high street lenders don’t factor in what aspects of your career you have to deal with such as moving home a lot as you are posted in new places around the UK, or perhaps having to live abroad for a long period of time so essentially you have no UK address. Sadly, this is the case sometimes and it could be the difference between getting Army mortgage and not. Luckily, we have direct experience of this being ex forces ourselves and whilst we find standard mortgages for people not in the armed forces, we actually specialise in army mortgages. This came about due to some of our team having to face the same issues when we wanted to buy a new home years ago.

Nobody likes to be declined when applying for a mortgage and especially when it’s through reasons that aren’t your fault. It can be incredibly frustrating for you and stressful, especially if you have your heart set on somewhere you want to purchase already. You might have experienced difficulty applying for a mortgage recently. Maybe your credit score is low because you have been posted overseas for long periods of time or you’ve been posted at several UK garrisons meaning you have multiple addresses over the last few years.

There are lenders who will work with you if you have a low credit score or have defaults or arrears. Have a hassle-free experience with Ideal Home Loans and our Army mortgages experts will guide you through the process every step of the way.  Normally you find that civilians will generally have one static address over a long period of time and have had their domestic bills in their name which helps a lot, military personnel could have had very different circumstances. Due to these special circumstances, people in the military may even have a very poor credit rating due to not having any regular bills that they pay each month and this can hamper your chances of getting an acceptance when applying. We put you in a better position if you want to apply for army mortgages.

Once you have your army mortgage it’s not over. We can also help you protect your home, income and loved ones by making sure you have the correct protection for your needs. Cover that will protect your mortgage and financial commitments too should the worst happen.  Mortgage protection is essential to give you long term piece of mind and to protect your family.  The specialist team here at Ideal Home Loans have put together a comprehensive plan to take care of all your needs in the event of critical illness or death.

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